Monday, April 30, 2012

Tape Paper Scissors

I've said before that Noah is not really into crafts. And to some degree, this is true. Hand him paper and crayons and he'll walk away. But give him paper, a scissors and some tape and he'll go nuts with projects.

Yesterday, he asked me if he could watch something. I said, "No, why don't you make something with this paper?" He promptly built himself a television monitor, which he and Mattias watched for 10 minutes. The program was quite funny to all three of us.

Today, Noah planted things in his garden.
[photo removed]
And the boys practiced walking OVER it, not ON IT. Hmmm...what do you think we've been doing lately?

Over the weekend there was a lemonade stand in the living room.

[photo removed]

Complete with pitcher and little (fallen over) glasses.

Shoes like Daddy's had to be made, because Mommy refuses to buy them. (But, in my defense, I DID help him make the flip flop on the left.) There were many, many tears when somebody tried to change into his pajamas without taking off the flip flops first.

This is an egg cooker that doesn't use water, I'm told. The white crumpled up papers are eggs, the green things are utensils.

The awesome news here is that we've got a really creative kid. The bad news? It's very difficult to make an impression by taking away real things as a consequence. I guess we're left with taking away his tape, paper, scissors.


Katie said...

Creative, Indeed!

Pregnantly Plump said...

Very fun! I like the eggs.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed - I love Noah's creative ideas. How different kids can be, even though they are close in age...
While my almost five year old son just walks around with little sticks in his fists (wands, he claims), my older boy - and he is seven - had to ask Nikolaus for tape last year because he uses so much I am not willing to buy it any more; he recently started talking about a lemonade stand (I need a good recipe...). I wonder what our older sons would cook up together...

twisterfish said...

Such a creative child! I love all the things he made!