Monday, April 9, 2012

the Stilt House

Every spring, I start thinking about building the boys a treehouse. I would really like to do this. But as I've mentioned, our yard is pretty treeless. The trees we do have are no where near big enough to support a play house. Which partially explains why I went crazy when I saw this Haba Stilt House in the German Jako-o catalogue last year:
Mattias is having so much fun.

I really, really adore this house. I adore it so much that I'm pretty sure I couldn't design something much better myself. I love the non-rectilinarity of it. I love the primary colors. I love the fact that it looks like it's for children, as opposed to being a mini-version of an adult house. I love the use of the canvas tarp roof. I love the fact that it's wood and not plastic. I love the rope ladder, the flags, the tie downs, the bell with a cord to ring, the funny little door. I'd love it sitting in the yard of my conservatively colored house. Heck, I'd even love to hear the neighbors complain about it.

Noah would love sitting on the little porch where he could holler at greet the neighbors walking past our fence.

(Apparently, it comes in natural unfinished wood, so you could paint it any color you'd like.)
Jako-o didn't want me to publish their photos,
so I made these ARTWORK COLLAGES to show you how cool it is.

No, we're not getting it. First, because Jako-o doesn't ship to the US. Second, because it costs an outrageous amount of 2,500 euro ($3,300). To be honest with you, I THINK I could copy it pretty well. I THINK I could make it myself if I had the time and money to invest. But I don't.

So instead, I'm just showing it to you. So you, too, may pine over it.

I'm going to give you the link to this Stilt House and lots more photos. But it is rather tricky to get onto the website (i.e., they have some website ISSUES) so I'm going to give you rather explicit instructions for when you click on the link below:

  • A (Flash?) dialog box will open and tell you that can only Browse but Not Buy from the US. 
  • If you click on their orange box you will get stuck in a vicious cycle and never get to see anything. 
  • SO INSTEAD, click on the icon at the bottom right corner that says "Worldwide (in English)." 
  • By that point, you will have lost the link to the playhouse.
  • So, come back to THIS BLOG and click on the link ONE MORE TIME. This time the link should link you directly to the product. This may depend a little on how your cookies are set... but I think this will work for most people.*
  • You can drool over the Stilt House and thousands of other amazing German Children's Products:
  • (Some of my favorite items are the 'Designed by Parents, Made for Parents' items. There's no good way to get a list of all of them, but if you surf around, you should start noticing some items have a red tag stating 'Designed by Parents, Made for Parents.')
Jako-o Haba Stilt House

If you see any stilt play houses that are this cool in the US, will you please let me know? Because I'm just not finding anything comparable.

Also, see? I'm practically an ad for Jako-o and they aren't compensating me anything - and they wouldn't even let me show you their photos! (Good thing I'm such an extremely talented Ar-Teeest.) You're welcome, Jako-o.

*Alternatively, find this on the Jako-o website under (you'll still need to click on "Worldwide(in English)"):
Practical Things  
>Playing in the garden
>House on Stilts


Simply Bike said...

Oh my, those damn Germans, they sure know how to built a stilt house! I too am pining now. I would LOVE something like this for C but the price range is definitely a no-go for us and I guess, since they don't ship to the US, it's a moot point.

Alright, architect, go at it. Make your own version of this! :) All I can do with my German degree is agree that it looks beautiful and be able to read the website in the original German.


Katie (Mama May I) said...

Oh goodness! I'm thinking I want one of those. Who wouldn't want to climb a rope ladder up to a hideout like that? :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends, I have another link for you. It is someone locally (how about moving to Munich, Ann?) - and if you click on 'Fotos' and scroll all the way down to 'Gröbenzell', then you can admire the pretty red house my boys play in when they get to visit their lucky friends.

Pregnantly Plump said...

It is a cool house! I got Bob a book called Handy Dad for Christmas. It has instructions on how to build a rudimentary tree house. It's pretty basic, but we're hoping to attempt it this summer.
Can't believe IKEA hasn't gotten into the tree house biz yet.

Ann Wyse said...

You're so right Pregnantly Plump. Hello, Ikea!

For years I moped around trying to find a gender neutral kitchen set for Noah, wishing that Ikea had one. And after I finally found one, and paid more money than I wanted, Ikea introduced theirs. Betcha it will be the same with this...

And in all seriousness, if I could find a way to carve out the time (and money) to make something like this I would. But it really is beyond my reach right now. Funny how SAHMhood can make some types of work impossible.

Craftwhack said...

I love that you had to give us directions to get to see the other photos. This house is incredible- I wonder if we could make even a much simpler version for our yard. And your art collages are simply divine.