Saturday, April 7, 2012

Segue - with less flow

Fritz shaved his head this morning (something he started about 4 months ago) and it plugged the drain in the bathroom.

"How can my little, short hairs plug the drain?" he asked. "It must be the combination of your long hair and my little, short hairs." He holds his fingers apart to convince me how innocuous the length of his hairs are.


"I'm going to the store to buy Drano!" he announced.

I checked the drain and found a random piece of plastic under all his (little, short) hairs.

(Sometimes I mistakenly blame him for stuff, too.)

Is tyrannosaurus still fearsome if he has feathers?
Are the rubbery-skinned dinosaur toys about to become a collector's item?

Why do they call it an egg hunt when the eggs don't run away?

I titled this image RestHard. Hahaha.
There's nothing like a 654 page Waste-of-Trees to make me NEVER shop at Restoration Hardware again. Especially since this is the second year we have received something like this from them.


I need to go pull it out of the recycle bin and cross my fingers that there are unsubscribe directions SOMEWHERE in there.


Katie (Mama May I) said...

Oh my, that Resto catalog. Unimaginable! I thought I had unsubscribed after receiving last fall's catalog and then I got the new (set of 3). Now I have to call again. Tisk.

Craftwhack said...

We got to our Easter egg hunt yesterday just as it was about to start and then I realized I had brought us to the wrong park, so we missed it. BAD MOM.

Anonymous said...

Ann, if you have any extra plastic eggs, safe them for us. I made the mistake to throw some away, and now the kids love it more than ever. We take it on our Easter Walk and they are perfect for hiding raisins (the early years) and for Gummibaers or chocolate (these days) along the walk. Could use more so we can take longer walks...

Ann Wyse said...

@Craftwhack: Like a 'park hunt' instead of an egg hunt!?!
(I do think these public egg hunts are a little un-fun, anyway - so missing a year is both okay and definitely not in bad mom territory!)

@Katie - oh man, you mean they are still going to send me one even if I unsubscribe? Grr...

twisterfish said...

We missed the annual egg hunt that we usually go to at a park -- accidentally on purpose -- so instead I tossed about a hundred eggs in our back yard. My 6 year old said it's not a hunt if the eggs are right out in the open and he almost refused to go pick them all up! The chocolate inside the eggs swayed him. (Is it proof I'm a bad mom because I'm looking forward to him being too old for these things?)

Ann Wyse said...

D - I'm setting aside plastic eggs for you!

Twisterfish - Oh my, the visuals on your story! (giggle) I think I 'hunted' eggs at our house until I was almost 14 - granted, I had younger brothers who also wanted to hunt. Maybe you can enlist the help of your older ones to hide the eggs?