Monday, April 23, 2012


How about something light for today?

After I completed the stairwell of red pots last summer, my mother and my aunt teased me for several months about the red spray paint. You know, I took it a bit to heart because I do really dislike half-baked solutions like, "Hey let's spray paint it!" It seems dishonest, it seems forced. It seems like not allowing something to be what it is. So, it actually DID pain me a little bit to paint those pots red.

But if you are looking for plant pots, it's really tough to find minimal shapes, the correct size, the right price point AND in primary colors. (Okay, fine, and in RED.) My aunt tells me that is because red and blue glazes are more expensive. (?)

However, I've recovered from the red-spray-paint-teasing. Or maybe all those years of architecture education indoctrination are finally unraveling. Or maybe I just care more about doing what I want than I care for guessing at what other people may or may not think.

So, I've painted more pots! Primary red! This time around, I've taken to simply painting pots that I otherwise find unpleasant. Below, I painted the large red pot in the back. It used to be sort of army green. You can see that there's some decorative design molded into the pot. This type of decoration is fussy-ness that I don't like.

ACK! ACK! Decoration! Quick, paint it primary red!

Those two pots in the front (little yellow and deeper red?) - see how nice and simple and lovely and bright and cheerful they are? Yeah, those pots came from Germany. Sorry, Ann. Can't buy them here. I specifically put those little pots in front so I wouldn't have to see the decoration on the newly painted, (ACK!) decorative pot in the back.

Alright, next up: a terra cotta pot (left) and a metal pot (right). The shape of both these pots is still a little too fussy for me. But, I can at least I can change the color. Spray paint it is!

The terra cotta pot (left) - which is only partially painted, was really ripped off inspired by these pots at Crate and Barrel. The shape of C&B's still looks better (to me) BUT it doesn't take Portuguese artisans to have some old, worn terra cora pots sitting around. Speaking from experience, erratic watering habits can create some lovely lime deposits on your terra cotta. I put painters tape over the top part of the planter, and sprayed the rest of the pot...bright red!

Although I'm pretty pleased with the terra cotta pot result, I predict the paint will flake off within a year. Terra cotta is one of those materials that really needs to breathe - not just air - but moisture, as well, right? That's the worst: spray-painting something that shouldn't even be spray painted.

Too late!

In the bigger picture, I'm still really struggling with how to incorporate houseplants into my house. If you spend a lot of time looking at the modern design magazines I look at, houseplants are doled out gingerly and sparingly. I'd like to be sparing with my furniture, but excessive with my plants. Do you have any recommendations on where to find inspiration?


Swistle said...

I'm intrigued by the "excessive with plants" idea. For ages I've had a few sturdy plants tucked out of the way of toddlers---but now that my youngest is five, I've been thinking of MORE PLANTS, MORE PLACES.

Pregnantly Plump said...

With cats, we can't have plants, but I love the look of terrariums on the wall. Those little blown glass things with succulents inside? I really want to try that, because I don't think my cats could get to them.

twisterfish said...

I love your red pots. And I feel good knowing that I'm not the only one who is picky about the shapes of pots, and will do what needs to be done to make them work. My husband will just use any pot at all -- shape and color and decorations mean nothing to him. Sigh. But I also can't keep plants alive for long, so that's another problem I've got.