Friday, March 2, 2012


While in Rhode Island, we saw some interesting things. First up, this knitted (?) bird house that was at the Garden show. I can't knit, but if I could, I would totally make one or two or ten of these for my treeless yard. Maybe I should learn to knit? (I wish I could credit this, but it was not credited!)

Fortunately, I can sew. Remember those pants I made? They were a little big while I was still in Rhode Island, because apparently, I become a bloated binge eater around my parents. Now that I'm back in Denver, I can't even keep them up around my waist. It's true. I'm NOT pulling your leg.
For the record, these pants are about the simplest pants style out there. They button up one side. I had never sewed button holes, so I had to practice. I thought I was doing great until I got to the real pants (top in photo).

Whatever. It was my first pair of pants for a real human being (not My Little Ponies). You have to start somewhere. Maybe picking a thread to match the pants would be a good start. Wait a minute: here's some thread that matches:

It's an industrial spool of thread made into a lamp base! How cool is that? This idea was the brainchild of my brother and father. I asked them to make me one, but instead they gave me was an empty industrial spool prewired for a lamp. Still cool, but it's the thread that really lights me up. Pun intended.

Even without light, some of the tulips I was trying to force started growing. We hauled them out of storage and put them in a sunlit location yesterday. They quickly went from white to green.

Which means the tulips are already looking much better than the papyrus. Dear Readers, how do I love this papyrus? The problem with papyrus is that it needs to stay swimming in water. It dried out and turned quite yellow from a lack of water while we were in Rhode Island.

It still has a beauty to it. But, ah, I fear it may be a lost cause.

Another lost cause? These fennel seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library. I was so smitten with the packages, that I didn't bother to read the back of the package, where it clearly states fennel grows best in cool temperatures. Uh, yeah. That would NOT be my treeless yard.

So, who wants some fennel seeds in very lovely package?


Pregnantly Plump said...

The birdhouse is cool! My aunt knits, and sometimes I just want to call her up and ask her to make all sorts of crazy things for me.
As for the button holes, they can be difficult. It was a good idea to practice first, I'm really bad about doing test runs.

Ann Wyse said...

I have that same feeling with my grandmother who knits - I can think of dozens of knitting projects for her. But then, I'm really afraid to ask for favors. Which is why I start thinking: I just need to teach myself!

It's probably silly of me, because I think that she actually loves to be asked and to be helpful.

Still, asking her to knit 10 birdhouses and 8 pairs of slipper may be a little much.