Monday, March 12, 2012

Bottle Post

The weather has been so superb around here. Today was one of our first opportunities to go out together in what seems like months. Mattias is feeling much better.

We were inspired by a Sendung mit der Maus, the German program that the boys watch, to make a 'Bottle Post.' (Noah's translation, not mine.) This is going to sound a lot like Letterboxing (I think that's what it's called), but our version is much less sophisticated.

Noah drew a map and we stuck it in a bottle.

[photo removed]

Then we went for a bike ride. Noah has the bottle taped onto the back of his bike.

[photo removed]

We found a good (cough, cough) hiding spot. In this case, a drainage ditch under a sidewalk.

[photo removed]

And we left behind our Bottle Post. Man, it might be spring-like temperatures, but it is DRY in Colorado.

Now, this was KIND OF a successful adventure, and KIND OF NOT. I wanted Noah to draw a map of the location of the Bottle Post, and then give it to someone so that he could find it. He wanted to draw a map to put inside the Bottle Post. I can understand why this makes sense to him: the Bottle Post is suppose to show you where treasure is...I guess. But who is going to be able to find the Bottle Post without a map? We never reached a consensus on this map point.

In the real world: what neither Noah nor I addressed? looks like trash. So, anyway.

After we finished our littering lettering project, we headed home for water.

And splashing in puddles on the deck. Because it's dry out there.

[photo removed]


Katie (Mama May I) said...

ha! i love it! growing up on the ocean, i used to draw elaborate pictures and concoct silly notes, bottle them up and send them out on the tide, ever hopeful that someone somewhere would find my treasure. of course now i know i mostly just littered the ocean, but this is the work of children, no?!

Anonymous said...

Hey, and we set up our trampolin last weekend and it is humid around here...I love the blue sky in your pictures. Maybe Noah might like to send us a 'bottle post' and we could then follow the map to visit case things get too boring without any visitors.