Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who is winning?

Noah and I became completely infatuated with playing this memory card game earlier this week while sick little Mattias napped in my arms. Check out the pairs of animals. See how they match - almost - but not quite?
They are male and female versions of the same animal! Is that genius or what? I think it MIGHT actually make the game just a little bit more difficult.

Here, I need to confess that I am having so much fun playing this game, that I am irreverently winning against Noah almost all the time. Here's how bad it is: I've figured out if we have 7 or fewer pairs, I win about half the time. If we have 10 or more pairs, the chances of me winning are, like, 9 times out of ten. So, of course, we are playing with 10 or more pairs!

Noah is so close to understanding that the key is watching your opponent's moves. But not quite! Since he knows my success has something to do with watching during his turn, he keeps trying to convince me that the rules are: NO WATCHING during your opponent's turn. He claims that Oma taught him this rule. Hmm. Maybe the game IS played differently in Germany?

Fritz says, no, it's played the same.

I keep telling Noah that it doesn't matter, this is how we are playing the game in Amerika. I'm so culturally sensitive sometimes. (Did I mention I really like to win?)

Someday he will figure out how to benefit from my not-knowing, and then he can win more often.

Or maybe he already HAS figured it out, considering that I am still sitting here wondering if they actually DO play the game differently in Germany. Huh.

Also, regarding (potentially) irreverent, you know what this game was named? I'll translate: Tichas' Arch: A Memory Game. Shouldn't it be Noah's Arch? The back of the box says Hans Ticha is the name of the artist.


Katie (Mama May I) said...

"Someday he will figure out how to benefit from my not-knowing, and then he can win more often."

So true! I think that's the coolest version of Memory I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I can totally back Fritz - it is played the same in Germany. And even in Germany kids try to make up their own rules, and Omas let the kids win...
You should close your cards before it is the next person's turn, maybe Noah confused that part. Very beautiful cards!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm not super-competitive, and we let Little Elvis make up his own rules whenever we play games. This is probably not a good idea for him, when it comes time to play with others.
Those cards are super-cute.

Ann Wyse said...

I think letting-your-kids-make-up-their own rules could have great benefits: like - what's the buzz word? - executive functioning abilities!

(I still like to win. ;-) Especially lately when I've been feeling particularly defeated in other ways.)