Saturday, February 25, 2012

So, an apology. Because I actually find it rather tedious to read detailed posts about craft projects. Unless they're funny. This post is not funny. But. I am doing a lot of crafty projects lately. I don't seem to be able to carve out the mental space I need to write about More Important Things, like how I dislike the phrase 'helicopter parent.' So:
[photo removed]

This week, I'm busy sewing pants for myself. I forgot I can sew. I used to sew clothes for my My Little Ponies:

[photo removed]

What? You didn't sew clothes for purple and pink plastic ponies?

After attaining that specific and useful skill, I think it's rather legitimate that I forgot I can sew.

Inspired by my favorite pair of pants, that date back to 1999(!), I hauled out my sewing machine and started to work on Monday.

First, I sewed a trial pair of pants. Just to make sure I could do it. They were too small. Ah-hem.

Then, I adjusted the pattern, and sewed a real pair. They are still a little too big, even though I tore them apart and re-stiched them once to make them smaller. I tend to like my clothes "relaxed," so I'll still wear them.

(Here is where I COULD insert a photo of the myself in the pants, but then: 1) I would feel obliged to take a flattering photo of the myself looking thinner than I do in real life wearing the pants and 2) you would feel obliged to tell me that they look good and 3) let's just skip all that formality, right? and 4) I didn't sew them to impress anybody but rather 5)  I just wanted a pair of pants that fit AND 6) too-many-photos-of-me on this blog makes me feel marketed which is 7) something I'd like to avoid.)

I made them with this discounted, moss-colored wool, and lined them with magenta silk. Why? Just because I could. And the price was right.

Also, there's something marvelous about having a surprising, secret, bright colored lining in clothes.

Tomorrow, I'm going back to the fabric outlet to get more fabric.


Katie (Mama May I) said...

impressive! that wool and lining makes me think of a gorgeous pencil skirt. perhaps you'll take orders someday?!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

OH! I want pants with a secret bright lining! For reals!

And I, too, hate the helicoptor parenting term. I await your treatise, please and thank you.

Craftwhack said...

$(*?@!(^%#@$)*&% I wish I could sew pants. You are my hero, and especially because you added SECRET LINING. What kind of a superhero are you? Plus, I want to see the pants. I promise I won't tell you you look good or anything dumb like that.

Pregnantly Plump said...

Pants are hard to sew! Did you make up your own pattern, or use one? I like the secret lining. I miss sewing, and it's great that you're getting to do that.

Ann Wyse said...

Craftwhack - perhaps the pants will make a cameo appearance in the coming days. We shall see.

Pregnantly Plump - I pull apart the old pants to make the pattern for the new pants. (Thus the too small initial try.)

twisterfish said...

You are so talented! I learned how to sew decades ago and still can only do straight lines (I'm awesome at pillows and curtains but pants are out of the question).

The secret magenta lining is fantastic! Wearing those pants would put a smile on my face the whole day.