Monday, February 13, 2012

Round One with Magnetic Primer

I decided to paint some walls in our house with that magnetic primers and have another Rotating Gallery of Child Art (because the refrigerator isn't enough).

I got all inspired by my neighbor, who has repainted her living room three times in the last year. And she has two kids. And her two kids are younger than mine. And she's figured out the perfect roller to use on our whoever-thought-this-was-a-good-idea? textured walls. Thinking about it, I felt like she'd practically done all the work for me. We'd have some (more child) artwork on display in no time!

All I had to do was get some magnetic primer, some wall paint to cover it up, and paint.

Steps one and two went super. I felt successful even when we had to visit three stores to get all the supplies. As I loaded the last can of paint into the car, I looked up at the sky. It was grey. It smelled like cattle manure. That means snow in Denver. And there was snow in the forecast for the next day. We'd be able to spend the snow day painting! What a great idea! Noah was going to LOVE this!  And Mattias? Well, that's what naps are for.

Except Mattias naps for 45 minutes, not 3 hours like the toddler next door. No matter! All we needed was 45 minutes of focused time.

The next day is snowy. No school. The snow falls. Noah becomes restless.

I recruit his help prepping the edges with painters tape. We cover some surfaces with paper. As soon as Mattias is napping, I rip open the magnetic primer and start priming. Noah climbs around on the furniture, watching me.

"Mommy, this is boring."

"Um... umm. Can you be my helper? Run down stairs and bring me a paper towel, please?"


Mattias awakes just as I am about to finish the first coat.

"Noah, could you be my helper again? Run down stairs and get some plastic wrap?"

"What's that?"

"It's in a green box, in the bottom drawer, next the sink."

"Okay."...Mattias is crying in his bedroom. He wants out....Noah returns. "Here it is, Mommy. What are you going to do with it?"

"Oh, see? I just wrap it around this tray and the roller and then we'll put everything aside and we can paint some more later."

Escalating cries from Mattias' bedroom.

I pull off my latex gloves and swoop into Mattias' room to retrieve him. When we return to the painting project, it smells VERY chemical-y. I pick up the magnetic primer box: Nontoxic when dry it reads. Use adequate ventilation. That would have been good to read before starting. Whatever. I open the windows in the middle of the snowstorm, turn on the room fan, and herd the boys downstairs while carrying my plastic wrapped painting supplies. I set the painting supplies in the garage and distract the boys with a snack, hoping to find a few minutes to clean up a little bit more.

Mattias manages to slowly drop every piece of food on top of every piece of breakfast food (still on the floor from breakfast) while I am hurriedly eliminating toxic wet spilled primer.

They finish their snack and begin chasing each other around the house. Determined to stay a little bit clean, I vacuum both the table and under the table.

When I finish and turn off the vacuum, all I hear is the sound of snow flakes.

In other words: trouble.

Noah immobilized himself.
Yes, everyone was just fine. No thanks to the toxic-when-wet-magnetic primer.

(I grabbed my camera and took photos AFTER securing the scene.)


Pregnantly Plump said...

Very funny! So glad they just got into the plastic wrap! Ah, boys.

twisterfish said...

The plastic wrap idea is genius! I usually try to tie a plastic bag around it all but end up spilling everything.
Congrats on your successful snow day!