Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drawer under the Stovetop

Once upon a time, we lived in the center of Munich in an apartment with a little kitchen. The little kitchen had only two little drawers, so we hung our knives on the wall with magnetic bars from Ikea (of course). The wall itself was so little that we had to rotate the bars 45 degrees to make them fit.  We laughed and thought it was funny. Until we had a baby.

[photo removed]

The baby baby's stuff required more room than our charming apartment (and we worried about those knives hanging on the wall), so we moved to the edges of Munich where we installed a big glorious (Ikea, of course), kitchen with plenty of drawers for knives.
Then we moved to Denver and we weren't quite ready to buy a house. But our rental house had a very nice (non Ikea) kitchen with plenty of drawers for knives that were child-proofed to little hands.
Finally, at the cumulative age of 75, Fritz and I bought a house. It had a big (non Ikea) kitchen, with mostly big drawers, except for the one where I put the knives.
One day, not very long after we had signed the rest of our life away to a mortgage, I turned around and looked at empty drawer front immediately under the stovetop and said, "Why isn't there a drawer there!?"
And I pried off that non-drawer front and discovered... EMPTINESS. Except for a tiny little gas pipe WAY in the back. 
Immediately, I sensed my knives could go there. And I regularly began attempting to open that non-drawer, because it just felt like The Place for Knives To Be. Finally, I decided we MUST build a drawer beneath the stovetop. It would be shallower than the other drawers to account for the gas connection in the back, but it would be big enough to fit the knives.

We monitored the heat levels down there, and finding no heat accumulation, I began plotting an Ikea intervention. But Ikea failed me.

So over Christmas, we recruited my father's help. (Yes, my father does, in fact, know how to do everything and without Ikea.) He built us this beautiful drawer and then shipped it to us in Denver, all the way from Rhode Island.
It even had a little tray the could slide over the knives. (Just wait. Photo is coming.)

As I mentioned, the drawer was shallower than a normal drawer. 
AND the drawer (sadly) warped in transit. We needed the original depth to fit the drawer to the drawer gliders, so we improvised a solution. 
Then, we attached the front and filled up the drawer with knives. Because I can't really do anything without Ikea, we found a way to reuse those Ikea strip magnets.
And Fritz began to feel a calling about the tray in the drawer.
He drilled fifty-six 1.5 inch holes in a piece of high density plastic and....

the tray became home to his Nespresso pods. 
Now that our knives and Nespresso pods are provided for, we can work on paying off the mortgage. (I don't think Ikea will help too much with that, either.) 


Katie (Mama May I) said...

brilliant! {love nespresso!}

Pregnantly Plump said...

That's so cool! Very nice idea, and it's great to have a dad that can do those cool things for you.

twisterfish said...

So creative and cool!

Shalini said...

Whoa! Awesome!

Craftwhack said...

This is the coolest thing ever! Way to use some space planning genius. I absolutely love what happens when you buy a house and start looking around at every little detail and how you can mess around to make your house all perfect for you.