Saturday, January 28, 2012

With Return

Our guests have left.

[photo removed]

And about this, I have mixed feelings.

We had a wonderful birthday party, complete with pink-streamers and a cupcakpiƱata - a style and color of decorations that I am not sure I will ever see again in my house.

We showed-off the wonders of the in-sink garbage disposal. (Yes, they exist in Germany, but are not very common!)

We amused ourselves with differences between expat German DINKs in China and, um, us.

There were tractor rides along with livestock and cowboy boots.

[photo removed]

And there were silly parties.

[photo removed]

And humbling gifts.

[photo removed]

Today, as I reorganized the house, I took my time, as opposed to hurrying so that I could make the next meal (or prepare for going out for a meal). I took a long shower without worrying about who might be ready for some coffee, or would there be enough hot water? I left the dishwasher unloaded even as we ate another meal. And I thought more complex thoughts in my native English, instead of my fumbling German.

As just-the-four-of-us sat down for dinner tonight, in our empty house, Mattias called out for our guests one by one. "Oh-ma! Oh-ma? 'El-la! 'El-la? Lr-ahs!  Lr-ahs?" He was not quite sure where they were; he was not quite sure when they would be coming back; perhaps he was hoping to see them one more time: both the joy and confusion of having guests firmly established in his 22 month old brain.


Shalini said...

Oh, I feel for Mattias. K would burst into tears after my parents or in-laws left, and then every morning it was like someone with Alzheimer's inhabited his brain, and he'd be sad once again.

Ann Wyse said...

Yes, exactly! That's the perfect description. The aftermath of these visits for the little ones is just heart wrenching.

Craftwhack said...

I would love to have a giant cupcake pinata to wail on right now... That sounds like it was a wonderful visit.

Pregnantly Plump said...

Poor little guy! I'm glad he had fun, though. It's sweet that he misses them.
The violin is an exciting gift. There's a cool guy we saw playing one on PBS last year. He did rock songs and classical. Little Elvis was very intrigued.