Monday, January 30, 2012

Treading Lightly

I received some Toms shoes for Christmas and they remind me of a quality that I love in shoes: weightless-ness.

Seriously, when my shoes don't weigh much, I feel like I can extrapolate that feeling for my whole body. Forget about the pounds of cookies I ate over the holidays: my feet feel light, therefore, I am bouncy and energetic and young! Or, I tell myself: I can do anything and go anywhere quickly and easily and stealthly. I would love to buy more based on purely on the sensation of wearing them.
You might think it is difficult to get an action shot like this: blocks toppling over, toddler a blur.
Nope, not difficult.
The difficult shot would be the one where the blocks AREN'T falling/fallen over and you can actually SEE the toddler.
That said, these shoes cost way too much money. Toms claims that for every pair of shoes bought, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. I like that. But I examine these very basic shoes and they tell me that at $10/pair, the company would make a reasonable profit. At $20/pair, they could do a ONE for ONE donation. At $44/pair? I think the owner must be hand delivering via private jet to (poor?) children in Australia.

The shoes also came in a cardboard box WITH a fabric bag AND numerous little pamphlets printed on expensive paper. Why? This kind of excess feels like an insult to any sort of philanthropic intentions a purchaser may have! How about Toms gets rid of all their marketing paraphernalia and donates THREE for ONE, so that I actually feel as good about buying their shoes as I do about wearing them?

Well, if Toms doesn't up their giving and lower their paraphernalia (or cut their prices), I think I'll be relegated to ONLY giving these shoes to OTHER people as a gift. Because somehow, all the excess seems okay for a gift, but NOT okay if I'm purchasing them for myself.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Want me to rain on the parade a little more? Tom's are super popular here -- especially with kids. And lots of kids have been having back problems because of the total lack of support in the shoes, and carrying heavy backpacks. So, don't carry heavy things too often while wearing them. They are cute, though.

Shalini said...

Oh, they look so cute! But...the rain. What would they do in the rain?

Ann Wyse said...

@ Shalini - Oh yes, the rain...I think in Seattle, you'd have to wait for July...

@ Pregnantly Plump - Yes, I'm totally not surprised about the back problems! It seems we are always finding this out about flat shoes - whether they are flip-flops or ballet flats - sometimes it even feels like a whole Flat Shoes Conspiracy. ;-)

In any event, okay: no carrying heavy things. Wait a minute... I wonder if Mattias counts as a heavy thing these days. Hmmm....

JJ Keith said...

I'm so glad you posted this because I've been feeling like the last human being on earth who questions Tom. They are cute, especially the glittery ones (I'm a sucker for spangles), but they're basically Keds with a philanthropy bent.

Still, I've long been hoping that a pair would appear and I wouldn't have to buy them. I wouldn't get them for myself, and I wouldn't get them for a gift, but I'd sure accept them as a gift!

And while I'm griping, when did Keds get to be so expensive? And what's up with Converse? $48 for Chucks?! Eff that.

Ann Wyse said...

OMG - the Chucks - so unfair, I hear you, I hear you!