Saturday, January 7, 2012


I took down most of our holiday decorations last weekend. Honestly, I wasn't ready to take them down. But Fritz's mother – my mother-in-law – arrives in less than 1 week for 2 weeks. That was all the motivation I needed to start prepping.

While I took down the exterior lights, the boys played outside in the front yard. Mattias needed so much less supervision than he did three months ago, that I actually managed to get the lights down, as opposed to running, catching, and carrying him away from the street. It was so nice and lovely outside that nobody needed a coat.

Noah, nonetheless, has started to put on Mattias's coat for him when we are heading out. It's amazingly helpful to have the four year old dressing the one year old. Noah also sets the table without prompting. He uses the 'good dishes' and leaves the Ikea plasticware in the cabinet. So, I packed up the plasticware, while packing up the Christmas ornaments.

Plates and glasses will be breaking in our future; I'm ready. Breaking dishes will be part of learning about manners (I think). I bought new (cheap) ceramic plates in preparation. I'm more worried about the damage to the wood floor than plates themselves.

The wood floors begin to take more abuse when the weather gets nice, anyway. It's the sand: sand that is tracked inside in the warm weather. (Whose idea was it to give the boys a sandbox?)

The neighbors have also been outside in force this week, thanks to the nice weather. I find myself being my version of a social butterfly. By any objective standard, this is not very social. But for me, I'm feeling mentally exhausted from all the small talk. All the small talk is occupying the part of my brain that is usually reserved for blogging.

I secretly hope it gets cold again soon. Because I kind of miss sitting here at my computer typing.


Katie (Mama May I) said...

I love your honesty!

I've always been caught in the middle of needing some social interaction and having anxiety when it comes to being social. I'm still working on finding my boundaries and comfort zone with that one.

Nate ShenkitUp said...

Ahh...too much small talk can drive a person crazy!! I hate when you're forced into doing it too much too often.

Great story! :)

twisterfish said...

I find myself glancing out the window before heading out, so as not to catch my chatting neighbor in their driveway. He's so nice, I just hate all that small talk. So glad my other neighbors either ignore me or are never outside.

Pregnantly Plump said...

It's great that you're getting help! Little Elvis is doing more for himself, and tries to help with his brother in some rather odd ways, but it hasn't occurred to him to help put a coat on his brother.

Anonymous said...

I have a neighbor who likes to call me or just ring the door bell if something comes to her mind, totally ignoring the screaming kids in the background. First, I was very friendly. Then, over time, I started to tell her firmly that I can't talk to her in length right now. Maybe I was even a bit rude, who knows - but I later told her that it was 'just because of the kids'. Since then, I can always stop her by pointing to the inside of the house or mentioning the kids...