Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sliding into the New Year

We're not big revelers when it comes to New Years Eve. This year was one of the most low-key NYEs yet.

We decided to treat the boys to Raclette. Well, sort of. Do you know about Raclette? Raclette itself is a swiss cheese that melts easily. Raclette dinners use an electric grill that sits on the dinning table.
There are an assortment of sliced and diced vegetables and meats on the table. Everyone picks their own food, fills an individual tray, covers their chosen food with Raclette cheese and grills/broils it. (In the photo below you can see potatoes on top of the grill and a tray with veggies underneath.)
It's a nice, slow eating process; it's also a little healthier than it's (also Swiss) cousin Fondue.
Hmmm! Yummy perfectly toasty cheese on vegetables.
Noah was really into assembling and grilling his own food this year. And thankfully, the ratio of sober adults to children allowed us to give him some freedom to create his own concoctions.

The price of raclette can be steep, and since we were working with the under 5 crowd, we opted to use mozzarella and kid-friendly vegetables, in place of the more traditional options. Here in Denver, you can even rent the raclette grill from a local deli.

The Raclette dinner in Germany was really popular in the late 80s. That makes it practically retro, but you can look trendy in the States if you start now!

Noah gives it the thumbs up.

[photo removed]

Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! Best Wishes for the New Year!


Anonymous said...

Yum, raclette! (Ann's mom here.) Ann and Fritz introduced us to raclette a few years ago and we enjoy it several times a winter and highly recommend it for casual entertaining. (We just shared raclette with Ann's brothers for Christmas Eve.)

Besides it being relatively healthy with the focus on simple, non-processed foods, fixing your own trays really gets everyone involved; and the fact that it takes a while to cook slows down the intake rate. Hence there is more time for conversing and digestion. I think you end up eating less but feeling more satisfied. This is what meal time should be!

anymommy said...

All I can think to say is that I really want to be invited to your house for NYE next year!