Friday, December 2, 2011


One of the most eye-opening experiences of my life has been to see the United States through the eyes of a foreigner. (That would be: first, my husband, and subsequently, our friends and family in Germany.)

Generally, I shy away from political discussion. And I'm unlikely to link to political stuff on this blog. But I couldn't stop myself this time.

I'm linking to an article from the German der Spiegel. It's about the US Republican Presidential Candidates. It has been translated to English. (I have been waiting - hoping - that it would be. Given recent events, it's also a little outdated.) Der Spiegel calls this a commentary; I'd say editorial. In any case, I think it's simultaneously humorous and horrifying and powerful. It's harsh. It's strong. No sugar coating, nor gentle persuasion, nor constructive criticism. In my mind, that's part of what makes it an interesting read.

In the beginning, reading about American news from foreign sources was upsetting to me. But I think slowly, over time, I've gained some new perspectives on us Americans. So, okay, check it out if you want to be pushed a bit. Or not.


JJ Keith said...

Thanks for this link. I usually go to the Economist for my foreign takes on American nuttines, but I've been overlooking the awesomeness of der Spiegel.

Pregnantly Plump said...

That was funny! We listen to the BBC on NPR at night, but they are much more tactful about the U.S. I prefer this.