Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Puppet Theater

I love this.
That's Noah, performing a puppet show for Mattias and I. This has become a regular activity around here since the temperatures dropped to highs-in-the-teens with snow everywhere. I don't really mind the weather, because it's pretty much perfect for indoor puppet performances.

But you know what I really, really love about this? The fact that Noah is entertaining us. I know I've mentioned this before, but the first three years of his life, he was so determined to have constant, unrelenting interaction and entertainment. I still feel a wave of exhaustion just thinking about it.

Lately, however, I feel joy. Joy that this child of mine can finally, finally take the lead and create on his own. Actually, I'm not sure that I'm ever going to be able to shut up about it. I'll probably spend the rest of my life being overjoyed, impressed, and boastful about his every step of further independence.


Pregnantly Plump said...

That's so fun! It is nice to have a child finally entertain himself. I'm not sure if Little Elvis was quite as demanding, but it's always so nice when he can entertain himself, or me.

Shalini said...

So sweet!

Katie (Mama May I) said...

Love it!

Theo was and still is very independent. It's our other little dude that seems to need the constant attention and affection, and you're right - it's exhausting.