Sunday, December 18, 2011

Growing where I am planted

Whenever we are driving behind a particularly slow driver, Fritz exclaims,"Blumen pflücken während der Fahrt verboten!" Flower picking forbidden during the drive

"Flowers are dumb!"

"Flowers aren't dumb. And I love flowers," I say.

"Well. I love flowers, too. But I just don't want them on my police boat." Noah pushes the plastic duplo flower away from his constructed duplo boat.

I have several blooming houseplants right now. This flower-as-blooming-houseplant is a new phenomenon to me. Previously, I told people I had a black thumb. I frequently killed houseplants in our past homes. But now that I have windows with southern exposure? The plants are not only growing they're thriving and blooming in the middle of winter!

It probably also helps that I'm watering them.

My favorite is this Bogota Amaryllis. I've always liked lilies, and this amaryllis looks lily-esque. I'm sure that it is NOT a coincidence that I love it.

I also have a calla lily, purchased last January while it was blooming. I paid little attention to it over the year. Basically, I watered it thinking that the leaves themselves looked nice enough. And amazingly, it's blooming again. I say amazingly, because from what I read online, the bulbs need to rest (ie, not be growing) in order to bloom again. So maybe this is a new bulb? Bulb plants do that, right? They divide or split or something? No idea, but I'm awfully glad it decided to bloom.

The cost of all these blooming flowers is more cluttered windows. Once upon a time, I had a Strategy for these windows. Yeah, whatever. Now I'm calling it a Plant Hospital. I'm filling every single accessible spot on the sills with plants that seem to need a little extra help. I think, well, the pot is red-ish. or I'll find a red pot for it. Good enough.

The flowers also make me think about how very few breakable/fragile/delicate items exist in our house. And that makes the blooming flowers feel like an extra special treat in this boy-centric household.

Today, we got stuck in very slow holiday traffic on the highway.

"Mommy. Do you know why we are going so slowly?"

"Because everyone is going to buy their last minute holiday gifts?"

"No. Because everyone is looking for the place where they planted their flowers along the road."

Noah decided that the flower on the boat may be okay afterall.


Katie (Mama May I) said...

I love the red pots. Love the "picking flowers" story, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Even though I also very much enjoyed the post about the Cinnamon ornaments (did not have the surge of creativity this year), I feel more intrigued to comment on this one. Was it because of RED? What a great color these plants add to your house. It reminds me how much 'I' want to receive an amaryllis myself instead of giving it to my mother-in-law. I guess this will be another of those things I'll buy for myself and then tell my husband: hey, I already bought me a gift - you can give this to me...
And you know what - your duplo looks so different from ours - I wonder why?

Pregnantly Plump said...

I like all the flowers in the windows. It's very cheery, and it's good for cleaning the air indoors. We would love to have indoor plants, but can't because of the cats. They aren't too bright and keep eating on our fake Christmas tree, then getting sick.

Shalini said...

I love the flowers in the window, too! And I like the flower picking as an excuse for traffic (both by Fritz and Noah, he he).