Thursday, November 3, 2011


I recently said here that I'm not going to post any photos of the fence. The fence that I literally spent all summer staining? The fence with forty-four painful panels? The fence that I can not bear to look at any longer?

I did finally finish staining, right before the (TWO) snowstorms that we've already had this season.

As I was finishing up the last. four. panels. I was thinking to myself, why, oh why, did we do it this way? I really couldn't remember why we had decided to use ridiculously expensive Penofin deck stain on the fence. Just because we had some left over? What kind of leftovers did we think would cover over 300 linear feet of fence? I don't remember now. Or why we thought we I should do it ourselves myself - especially when we hired someone to do the other 200 feet of the fence. Why? If only I had written it down somewhere! I looked at my posts, discovered nothing there, and decided I better record something for future reference. Now.

Although, I do hope this staining job last SEVERAL seasons; thereby eliminating the need to reference this post anytime soon.
Penofin on the bottom/left and some fence stain from Home Depot that was about half the cost on top/right.
So. Here it is. The fence. The top/right side was completed by some guy we hired, and he used some sort of fence stain from Home Depot and applied it with a spray gun. The bottom/left is my hand-brushed Penofin. I think we used the Penofin because it looked better. And I still think it looks better. Unfortunately, I figure EVEN with doing all the labor myself, we spent about $100 MORE on the Penofin. Because it's just that expensive.

I'd like to think of this as a little competition. Let's see what happens over the winter - through the spring and summer and maybe many more years - will one outlast the other? Was all the labor and cost worth it? To be determined!

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