Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Desk

As soon as we got our basic desk area assembled this summer, Noah started asking for his own desk.

I'll be honest, there was no Noah Desk in My Plans for Our Loft Space. I hemmed and hawed.

But Fritz felt it was important, so in an attempt to delay make it original, without spending any money, I quickly drew up a back-of-the-napkin sketch that used some already owned 2x4s in a rectangular shape to make the base/legs of a desk. Butcher block, mounted on top, would make the desk surface.

"See, nothing fancy. Really simple," I said. I thought the prospect of executing a custom design might phase Fritz a little bit.

But Fritz was eager and anxious to get it done before the weather got bad. I stalled. He rounded up supplies. I stalled some more. He asked if we could paint the base the same color as the adirondack chairs. I nodded, thinking I was stalling again, because we'd have to purchase NEW indoor paint. Then he disappeared into the garage for the whole day. And he took the boys to the paint store. And painted it himself. Here it is. Do you see the green rectangle made of 2x4s? That's kind of my design.
The white bookshelf Noah is sitting on is courtesy of Ikea. In practice, this is a double-sided desk space - aka a table - so that each boy sits on one side, facing each other. Fritz and I have arranged our desks like this as well. 
And it's cute, right? Sort of? But there's a problem.

No, I don't mean the fact that the boys aren't even sitting at the desk. It's okay...for a moment...while I take this photo...thereby ENCOURAGING such dangerous behavior... (yes, yes, I know, Mom)...

Nor do I mean the mess of books. We'll pick up in just a minute. Or tomorrow. Or before the next house guest visits...

Nor the fact that my husband rashly lovingly built, assembled, and painted it. Somebody has to do it sometime!

Nor the fact that the chairs are awkwardly small for the desk. Fritz claimed he PURPOSEFULLY sized the desk too big for the chairs. That way, when we buy bigger chairs, the desk will be the right size. Ah ha!

Here's what bothering me:
What are those clunky green support pieces!? They weren't in my highly sophisticated, worthy-of-an-autograph-and-framing napkin sketch! Doesn't Fritz know how to detail these things?

Well, no, he doesn't.

I haven't had the heart to tell him yet that they are driving me crazy. And it's so dumb to be driven crazy by such a small detail, isn't it?

Sometimes, I hold onto silly irritations precisely because of their insignificance. Worrying about the clunky support pieces distracts me from a whole bunch of other things, some beyond my control, that I could be worrying about instead. Also, worrying about this gives me the power to 'fix' a problem. I like feeling like I have power.

And I have figured out how to get rid of those support things. Now I just need to figure out how to get 'fixing time' into my schedule. And then it will all be okay.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I think it looks great! I didn't even really notice the support pieces. I kind of assumed they were part of the chairs, although I guess that doesn't really make sense...

Katie (Mama May I) said...

Love it - all of it. The desk is totally rad. Fritz's green color is growing on me. ;)

Ann Wyse said...

Thank you. And it's true, Meredith - the green pieces DO look like part of the chairs in the photo. I guess another alternative is that I could paint the chairs green as well. If there was enough green under the table, I might not notice the support pieces - which at the moment are breaking up the purity of the rectangle. But with chairs, would just be a jumble of green. It IS a pretty crazy green color - it definitely takes some getting used to. Even *I'm* not sure I'm ready for much more of it, Katie. Although, I feel that it's slowly invading our whole house...