Monday, November 21, 2011

Bottom of the Pot

I think I have confessed before that nobody should learn to cook anything from me. I believe in following recipes, because I don't really trust my nose or tongue. Unless the recipe involves instructions that I perceive to be too complicated, of course, in which case, I simplify the recipe to my liking. It's a dangerous combination. Nonetheless, I'll share my favorite squash soup recipe in a few days, especially for Katie.

Until then, do you love small circulation, independently published cookbooks? Because I do.

I especially love these Centennial Year Cookbooks from some  small farm towns in Iowa. They have a section in the back filled with random recipes. This section is the absolute greatest section, in my opinion. The recipes usually have little to nothing to do with food, and everything to do with housekeeping, home making, children and living happily. The recipes make me laugh in a kind, cheery, impressed with the invention type-of-way. Some of my favorites on these two pages: Tupperware White Again, RV Toilet Cleaner, Halloween Makeup, and Finger Paints. One of these cookbooks was published in the late 80s, making it the perfect pre-internet look at shared home remedies. The other one was published after 2000 - but I still like to imagine it was the work of many non-internet users, just sharing those tips that they learned decades ago. A big part of the fun is discovering 'recipes' that you didn't even know you needed.

I, personally, plan to try out this Teflon Cleaner tonight on our griddle. It didn't occur to me that I could get it cleaner until I saw this recipe. Amazing!

Next time I go to the midwest, I plan to make a mission out of buying up every one of these cookbooks I can find. Because, really, how fun! And how much longer will anyone be able to buy these types of things?


Anonymous said...

Do you know this one: Clean House, Clean Planet? It is mostly about cleaning and compares homemade cleaning supplies with the store bought brands - but you did not want to cook, right? Oh, here, on one page I just found: Toys in the Toilet?....

Ann Wyse said...

I hadn't heard of Clean House, Clean Planet - but I love the premise: rating the effectiveness of the household recipe against the commercial product. Because let's face it: this homemade 'Teflon Cleaner' may not work. Once I finally try it.

Toys in the Toilet, huh?...Hmmm...I think I may need to invest in this Clean House, Clean Planet book.

Katie (Mama May I) said...

What a great idea for a cookbook. Looking forward to the soup recipe. :)