Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Past Week at the Wyse House

Green Ketchup: Mara helped me make and CAN on Wednesday morning. Fritz inexplicably ended up hanging around and telling her the Canning Horror Story. Didn't he have a job to be at or something?* Mara took it all in stride, unlike me. I was ready to call off the project and just stick the green ketchup in the fridge.

And Kristi's Green Zebra Ketchup? Awesome!! Except for the fact that Noah won't eat it. I believe his exact words were:

"That green ketchup is too sparkly! I'm never eating it again. Mommy, I need some milk RIGHT NOW." I think the "sparkle" was the pepper. But really, who knew ketchup could taste so good? I'm actually glad we don't have to share with the RED ketchup fiends in our house.

Thank you, Mara!
Blueberry Bushes: are turning a marvelous range of colors. The soil isn't very good for blueberries in Colorado. However, I read (somewhere online) that you can grow them in pots. We needed something for our naked, exposed deck, back before the planter and bamboo, so blueberries it was. They love our deck. I love the fall color. Mattias is all about the blueberries themselves.
Fence Staining: the never ending project. I'm a mere 7-one-sided-panels (out of 44) away from completion. Maybe this weekend. No photos, because I don't have it in me to look at any more fence than I absolutely have to.
Paper Making: Fritz was suddenly inspired to teach Noah about recycled paper. He called Oma (The Artist) to get her 'paper recipe.' Tearing the newspaper into itty bitty pieces? Way fun. The screen part? Fun, too. This artsy-crafty-get-dirty side of Noah is still so new to me. Mattias, as always, jumps right in. He's 100% his Oma's Enkelkind.
*Actually, I love it when Fritz 'works from home,' but I do like to have a little notice, because it's rare, and seems like it should be celebrated!

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