Monday, October 3, 2011

Questions, questions

How can I get one of these? and
How can I chop it off midway through the spool to make a big, round, funky coffee table without it falling apart? and
Where's my genius brother?

Someday, when we finally get stools for this bar, can they double as step stools? This Ikea one isn't quite high enough.

[photo removed]

Can I actually taste the difference between these squash, or is it my imagination?

Is this set up going to keep my tomatoes from drying out while they ripen?

How many times will making their own salad translate into eating it as well?

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Katie (Mama May I) said...

a few weeks ago I came across a picture of one of those big wooden cable spools (orwhateveryou callthem) - it was whitewashed with dividers built in and held childrens' books. They had these really fun more modern kid chairs around it. Instant love and inspiration. So basically, when you figure out where/how to get one, I'd be interested. ;)