Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn, Colorado-style / Take Four

Everything changed here, as we got our first snow of the year.

It caught me somewhat unprepared; Noah's legs sticking 4 inches beyond the end of his snow pants. I removed the liner from his two-sizes-too-small boots so that they 'fit.' I gave him long mittens to cover his exposed wrists. And I placed a quick online order for a new snow outfit.

But then, it wasn't even that cold. We went inside from snowman making, carved a jack-o-latern, and took this photo on the front steps two hours later.
The trees were unprepared as well. If nothing else, a tree in full fall colors, covered in snow, makes an impression. Now, I'm hoping the trees don't shed their clothes like the boys.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful! My kids are telling me every day that there WILL be snow mid we did take out the big suitcase with all the winter outfits and I think I have something for all four - except the oldest, as usual. Should I show them your post and the pictures???
Have fun - we have fog

Ann Wyse said...

Yeah, it's funny how excited kids gets about snow. Noah's been asking when he gets to shovel the driveway for WEEKS. I hope his enthusiasm lasts a few years for his strength to catch up.

And by the way, I miss fog. When we have fog in Colorado - like once a year - I immediately feel the need to take photos and document its existence.

Come to think of it, send me some fog photos to share with Noah and Mattias! ;-)