Monday, September 12, 2011

Passing Time

I'm typing a lot - and hitting publish on almost nothing these days.

The last two weekends have been a wonderful break from the rather chaotic pace of weekends this summer. We've cleaned and organized and hiked and enjoyed Kaffee und Kuchen. Somehow, the lull in our Weekend Must Do Lists is translating into a lull in blogging as well.

Also, my father is in the hospital tonight - after 3 or 4 - depending on how you count - trips to the emergency room in the last 24 hours. I'd like to say there are outcomes in all this activity, but if you've been to a hospital in the States lately, then you know that hospital trips are mostly a lot of waiting.


Meredith said...

I hope your father is alright. Sounds scary.

Ann Wyse said...

Thanks, Meredith. He's doing better. Perhaps home from the hospital tomorrow.