Friday, September 16, 2011

Hair again

While on the topic of sensory processing - I can pull my hair back into the ponytail again! I've decided there's something about the act of pulling back my hair that makes me feel better. In control, even. (Pretty sure that is NOT on the sensory processing list, by the way. But maybe it should be. Maybe I'll make Mommy's Sensory Processing List.)
This might not be the best example ever, but, you know, stuff happens when you spend two minutes trying to photograph yourself*
My hairdresser here in Denver taught me this nifty trick for the strays, while they were/are growing out. Maybe the whole world already knows this, but I live under a rock, okay? Basically, you twist the hair and pull it into position simultaneously. Like a french braid, but so much easier and so much faster. I used to wear french braids a lot as a child and I remember the intensity of the french braid styling quite well. This seems like it could be a good alternative for girl's hair, although, I'll admit I don't really know! I have two boys, and neither one has long enough hair right now for testing.

The label reads: for 21-35 cm hair lengths.
I bought these rollers in Germany, at the advice of my then hairdresser. I guess he thought my hair needed some body. (He should see my hair in dry, dry, no-humidity Denver.) Also, he clearly didn't understand it when I said I needed something low maintenance. Lost in translation. I lived in Germany 2.5 years ago and these are still in the box.

What continues to fascinate me about these roller is the description (translated above). Do you know how long your hair is? Even in inches, I couldn't tell you mine (until today), and I like to think I'm a person who has a pretty good sense of measurement. But not when it comes to my hair.

In the United States, these rollers would be labeled something like, 'for medium length hair.' It makes me think about the way our cultural standards (might) hardwire our thinking. Does one (German) person think, "my hair is 11 inches long" while the other (American) person thinks, "my hair is medium length"? And what does that lead to - thinking about your hair as a definitive number as opposed to a relative length?

I don't really know!

But it's fun to consider. AND I can make crazy hypotheses simply from this difference in labeling.

Yup, I might be overthinking it.
* like this happens. I guess if Mattias pulls apart my 'do, he'd probably pull apart his own, too. Ha! Who is in control now?

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