Sunday, August 14, 2011


My mother told Noah that when we do things other than the routine, that's called 'vacation.'

The longer I am a mother, the more I think routines are very important. They make life with the piccolini so much easier. If I could figure out a routine for everything with the piccolini beforehand, I think I would do a lot more. I wonder if that includes going on vacation? Is it NOT vacation if we make it a routine?

Fritz wanted to go to the beach.

Fun. For the first hour. Exhausting. For the second hour. Fritz declared this beach more crowded than Mallorca. That analogy didn't do much for me. But I assumed it's a pretty bad thing. That assumption was confirmed when he used the word 'sardines.'

Anyone have a routine for the getting back in the car without several pounds of sand? If we had a desanding routine would it still be vacation?

Two hours playing in tide pools was much less exhausting. Although I'm not sure why. Somehow, a dozen snails made it into Noah's water bottle. Hmm. Am I starting to get a hint of how buggy the next few years of life may be?

Am I okay with this?

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