Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Parking Spaces

Here's an idea I love: close-in parking spots reserved for parents with children.

About six months ago, Fritz had an outpatient procedure at a hospital. I picked him up afterwards, since he was pretty out of it and not ready to drive a car or negotiate the buses home. Both Mattias and Noah were with me. It was impossible to get parking next to the hospital; faster cars driven by single, able-bodied people kept beating me to freshly available spots. I was kindly told to park about 2 miles away and take the shuttle. Which might have been okay, were the parking spaces not half a mile away from the shuttle stop. Mattias had fallen asleep so I ended up carrying him in his car seat, with Noah tagging along behind me, complaining that he couldn't walk any farther. Seemed like a lot of effort for a 1 minute pickup, which involved me putting my signature on a piece of paper proving Fritz had a safe way to get home.

These situations aren't unusual - every parent deals with them. Other countries (like Germany, above) have addressed these problems. Isn't there a lobbying group for parents? Because I'm starting to compile a list of improvements for zoning and building codes.


Anonymous said...

I thought I have seen these special parking spots in the States at retailers - it is a very good idea, I agree!

Anonymous said...

What a thoroughly practical idea, as in "Why hasn't anybody thought of this already? (Well, somebody in Germany did . . . ) I'm sure other parents would be intrigued and supportive of this. How about a letter or signature campaign with parents from Noah's school or parents in your neighborhood? Go for it!