Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Teething Reprieve

Mattias' molars have been coming in for what feels like MONTHS. None of them came through at the same time, resulting in whinyholdmedon'twalkawaycarrymewhere'smommyholdme

Somebody said to me, "I feel so bad for you carrying him around like that!" And it made me feel rather bad for myself, too. Note to self: sometimes, it is NOT GOOD to express empathy. Or would that be sympathy? After I got over feeling bad for myself, I started to feel rather indignant about the whole carrying-thing. And that is never a good place for me to be in....

But yesterday?  Yesterday, the last tooth (in this round) poked through his gums. And today?

Today he's been like the smiley-baby (now turned toddler) that we all knew and loved. It's so nice. So, so nice. I can cook food again. I can run up and down the stairs without carrying an extra 23 pounds. Mattias sits happily in his chair. Or totters around exploring independently. AND he simultaneously has discovered books, meaning he retrieves them from the shelf and brings them to me to read. (Noah did this a lot earlier - Mattias has previously been too busy to bother with books.) So now, BOTH the piccolini sit on my lap quietly listening while I read books. It's kind of like being a Normal Rockwell painting.

We should celebrate our children getting their teeth. The process is such an ordeal for them. I'm already dreaming about the completion of the baby teeth set. If Noah's experience is any indication, we have about one more year to go with Mattias. And then we are going to throw one hell of a party.


Anonymous said...

Two comments put in one:
First: my daughter also loved those little books - I guess because of the thin pages...
Second: if you like to be prepared, let me tell you about the time when children loose their baby teeth and the permanent teeth come in - this time, it is less actual pain, but so much anticipation (is that the right word?) and formation of personality (according to Steiner)

Meredith said...

Teething is so hard. Baby Plum just got the last of his eye teeth, but he's not been sleeping well, so I think the 2-year molars are rearing their ugly heads.
Glad you've got a reprieve.