Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painting Meditation

One of the nicest gifts that Fritz has given me lately was the opportunity to paint these chairs (and table).

I write that facetiously and not so facetiously.  These chairs were part of my estate sale find and they were NOT in great condition. Fritz, however, had always said he wanted some adirondack chairs, and there they were: four grey-ed out pine adirondack chairs and a table. $40 for all. I bought them.

At first, I wanted to leave them grey. Because I like grey wood.  But Fritz wanted to paint them "some wild color." I clenched my teeth, and muttered under my breath for a few days because I felt like I'd already ruined the other half of my estate sale find by trying to improve it.  Then I remembered that I got the chairs for Fritz ANYWAY, so I might as well let them be painted.

Just as I had accepted the fate of the chairs, Fritz switched gear and began nudging ME to buy the paint and, oh yeah, PAINT THE CHAIRS MYSELF. Fritz hates to paint. I love to paint. But, remember, I didn't want to paint the chairs! And as anyone can tell by looking at them, they were NOT going to be the Easiest Paint Job Ever. Also, Toddler Corralling during my normal day so that I could paint? Not happening.

I muttered some more, but I bought the paint. Then Fritz began to clear out my schedule for painting:

"I'll take the boys running this morning so you can paint."
"We'll visit the museum this afternoon so that you can paint."
"You can paint this morning and we'll make brunch."

Hmmm. I painted and painted and remembered that I really DO love to paint - even when there's a fair amount of detail work. Three coats of painting became several hours of personal meditation time. And it was, actually, quite nice.

I wish I could say that Fritz is always so eager to take the piccolini and give me a couple of hours alone, but more often than not, we're too busy juggling schedules, resources, talents and time to allow for such luxuries. These past few weeks, Fritz is spending a lot of time on irrigation at our house - (I know, I know, how hard can it be?) - and me? Well, I would enjoy another painting project instead of playing 'farm' for the 379th time.

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Meredith said...

I like the colors! We got a set for Christmas, but the guy already put several coats of polyeurethane on them. We'll have to wait to paint them I guess.
Alone time is nice, isn't it? I spent several weeks refinishing a pew last summer. It took way longer than I expected, but I did love the me time.