Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This summer, there's been an ongoing Battle Over Topical Agents at the Wyse household. It all began with sunscreen, which we renamed 'sunscream' after all our adventures.  Today, I'm (indirectly) introducing our newest enemy: bug spray.

It seems that Denver has been hit particularly hard by mosquitos this summer. I find myself really doubting the accuracy of the map in this Wall Street Journal article that claims the aggressive, daytime-loving, container-procreating mosquitos haven't made it to Colorado yet. And perhaps there's reason to doubt the credibility of the WSJ these days.

I think the Rock Pool Mosquito is here. Not that I'm an entomologist. Nor am I very credible as an anonymous mommyblogger. Therefore, I'm pretty sure I don't have to be very accountable on that statement. Uh huh. And now that that is clarified...

Oh, poor Mattias. His face is covered in mosquito bites. He must taste delicious. I'm a little afraid to take him out in public because he looks so bad, that I can't imagine what people are thinking when they see him. Or maybe the problem is that I can imagine what people are thinking. I attempted to put baking soda on the bites, but it turned out to be a really bad idea. He went nuts rubbing the paste-y soda off. That, I do believe, defeated the whole purpose of the baking soda.

[link removed]

This 45 second video I took really, inadvertently, illustrates the problem. About 10am. We're sitting outside checking out a frog that Noah caught. Rather ironically, the discussion is about what we could feed the frog. Mattias is thrilled to see the frog; he's squealing. A mosquito flies by (seconds 24-25). I attempt to film it on Fritz's black shirt...

Note 1: Mattias is wearing light colored full length clothing! I'm trying everything to protect him. He's also wearing (nonDEET) bug spray, which accounts for the red, swollen eye. Guess I just need to keep him inside. 
Note 2: No FROGS were harmed before, during or after this video. MOSQUITO? Watch out!
Note 3: Poor Mattias, again. (In case you miss that the first two time.)
Note 4: Don't learn any German from Noah and me. We've got some mistakes in there. 


Meredith said...

Poor little guy. Mosquitoes are awful. We've had some success with those little Off fans. You clip them to your clothes and turn them on. They aren't very loud, and have a very small perimeter, but they do work. Bob's also very tasty to mosquitoes and he hasn't had a bad time since we got the little fan thing.

Ann Wyse said...

Oh man, Meredith. I would love to find some of the Off fans. I hear lots about how good they are. There are only empty shelves here in Colorado. I think I may have to break down and find some online. Assuming I can. I hope you're feeling better!