Friday, July 22, 2011

Audio Stories

I don't know why I didn't find this site before we took our summer road trips, because it literally took me about 30 seconds to find via google. And it's great. It's classic children's audio stories; they are available online or you can subscribe to the podcasts. Noah has listened to Three Billy Goat Gruff no less than 7 times already today. Naturally, we've stopped playing 'farm' and are now playing 'billy goats.'

I really like audio stories because I think they force the piccolini to use a little more imagination than videos.

I'd love to find something like this in German (for free) as well. Do you know of any other sites? English or German? Or any other languages?

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME site - so many fairy tales and folktales that are often not told to our children these days, but are really are part of our culture. This is a great additional resource for passing down those stories besides lapstories, AND for expanding children's ability to listen quietly and concentrate - something else that many children lack when they enter school. (Can you tell I am a teacher???) Thanks for sharing this site, Ann. I will pass it on to my fellow early childhood teachers and parents of preschoolers.