Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Popsicle Chat

This post is mostly for Grandma, who loves to hear Mattias babble.

We've really discovered popsicles this summer.

[video emoved]

I was so fascinated by Mattias' babble, that I wasn't paying attention to the fact that he was dripping strawberry juice all over everything. Until he drops his popsicle on the floor (at the very end). Now, when I watch this video, I really wonder.  Couldn't I just put a bib on him? We easily own 20 bibs; I'm not sure that I ever use any of them. What do I have against bibs?

As cute as all the babble is, I kind of hope Mattias slows down. Noah talks enough already!  Today, running errands, I decided that driving with my four year old is the equivalent of driving and talking on the cell phone. Very distracting, that is. And unfortunately, I can't just "disconnect" the four year old.


Anonymous said...

Ann, you made him DRUNK, there is something in that popsicle!

Meredith said...

Very cute! Love those big blue eyes!

Anonymous said...

Does he really have blue eyes???

Ann Wyse said...

My aunt says Mattias' eyes are hazel, which (she says) means, "whatever color you want them to be - influenced by what you're wearing."

Anonymous said...

Not only Grandma loves this - I had four children sitting for at least ten minutes, wanting to watch Mattias over and over again. The more we watched, the more we giggled - and the kids can now almost imitate every 'word'. We need more like that, thanks!