Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More sunscream

Noah started a 2 day a week camp for the month of June. It necessitated sunscream at 8 o'clock in the morning as well as writing his FIRST and LAST name about 60 times on various items. That's a lot of name writing. This time, I did it myself. (See: this previous "teaching" opportunity and its anticlimax.) You know what, this whole summer thing is killing me this year. Preparing two kids for playing outdoors in the summer feels way more complicated than it is in the winter.

Our house is a few doors down from a public outdoor pool. I'm not a pool person: I'm soooo uncomfortable donning a swimsuit in front of others. But I love the way Noah and Mattias are affected by the swimming pool. In case you didn't know, the equation works like this:

kids + swimming = naps

So. Swimming pool it is. I got both the piccolini some flotation devices in order to manage them both at the same time. This is somewhat against my philosophy: I feel they'll learn to be in the water better without floats. But two non-swimmers and one adult? Something had to give. I'm still quite nervous the whole time. About forty-five minutes is as much as I can handle.

Apparently, I mutter, "this is as much as I can handle," because Noah picked up on it and started asking me:

"Why, Mommy? Why is this 'as much as you can handle?'"

Let's hope I muttered under my breath, even though Noah asked this in a very loud voice, in the middle of the swimming pool.

I also mutter the same thing after about 15 minutes of gardening with the two of them.  Nonethless, we've got the following planted:

  • heirloom tomatoes
  • various types of sunflowers
  • hollyhocks
  • one dwarf european cranberry bush
  • two blueberry bushes and
  • pampas grass
While the piccolini were helping me plant these things, Mattias has eaten about 1 pound of dirt, 2 tablespoons of sunscream, 5 rocks, and a package of hollyhock seeds. Everything except the pampas grass is growing, probably because Noah "replanted" the plant markers while I was prying rocks out of Mattias' mouth. Or maybe I was on the phone with poison control about the sunscream.

And, oh, if you haven't already read enough whining about the sunscream situation: here's another one: Noah managed to get Fritz's adult sunscream in his eyes today.  That was good for about 15 minutes of crying. 

Did I mention I'm starting to hate sunscream about as much as Noah does?


Anonymous said...

When we visited the States last year, I went straight to REI and bought those sun protection swim shirts, you know what I mean? At least it makes it easier at the pool and less body parts to put sunscreen on. For the face, I bought a stick (by Hauschka) and I convinced my red-haired daughter that we NEED to paint her cheeks with this. She likes the scent, it does not get into the eyes and her brothers think it looks like cool face paint (their last project in preschool was: Native Americans). I want you to enjoy summer, my friend!!!

Meredith said...

We do the swim shirts as well. That's so funny about the gardening. Our little helpers are interested, but our problems deal more with them pulling out what we've just planted and the constant falls. Oh the falls. Baby Plum also loves to get his little hands on any tool he can. He so loves to emulate his daddy. I've taken to gardening in the middle of the day (in Mississippi in the summer) while Baby Plum naps. It may be hot, but it's so much easier.
Hope you guys haven't been badly affected by the wildfires. I read that they were affecting Denver's air.