Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Photos

A few weeks ago, we had our first professional family photos taken by Beth Dreyer. Beth is a Dallas based photographer, who, luckily for us, comes to Colorado Springs once in a while. I'd been reading her blog and seeing her photos online for over a year now, and I thought she was a brilliant portrait photographer (as well as blogger). I'd never met Beth before the photo shoot, but she's as cool as her site would leave you to believe.

Fritz was less than convinced that we needed a photographer from Dallas,  "Aren't there good photographers in Denver?"

Um, not like Beth.

What I love about Beth's photography is the way that she uses light and color, the way that her photos are always about the people in the photos, and the way she manages to work the background into the photos (without overwhelming the people).

I think sometimes, in these days of digital cameras, editing software, and iPhone apps there are a lot of us able to fake some cool photography. I count my family in this group. We personally have gigabytes upon gigabytes of photos that we've taken of the piccolini. Fritz has a good deal of technical experience and photographic equipment. I use the word "Photoshop" as a verb, thanks to my days doing architectural renderings. What I'm saying is, I think we can fake a photo with the best of the fakers.

But a true professional photographer? With genuine talent? Awesome.

Did you see the photos? Beth is a photography genius.


Meredith said...

The pictures look great! You guys are wonderful models!

Ann Wyse said...

Thank you!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Awesome photos!! WOW.