Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Outrageous Injustices Inflicted upon Four Year Olds in the Wyse Household

1. Papa refuses to buy a (broken plastic kids) vacuum cleaner at the flea market.

2. Papa will not take 4yo with him to work (IN THE BIKE TRAILER... PLEASE!)

3. Mama does not give 4yo granola bars for a snack at 11:45 am.

4. Mama seals the deck without the help of the 4yo. 4yo is forced to watch from the window, even when he procures a handful of paint brushes from his (otherwise unused) craft box.

5. Neighborhood pal remains at school for another 2.5 hours after 4yo has decided he wants a playdate RIGHT NOW.

6. Mama reheats the (requested) pasta on the (requested) green plate for lunch, instead of MAKING IT NEW ON THE STOVE. 4yo will not eat OLD pasta.

Ripping some newspaper to deal with the outrage. Do other kids deal with stress like this?


Anonymous said...

The question is - how do you deal with the outrage? Ripping newspaper is perfect! Almost like: paint a picture to show me how you feel.
Be glad - my kids yell, scream, slam the doors, tell me I am mean...I wish they would rip the newspaper!

Ann Wyse said...

Oh... we get to see some of those other behaviors, too! But the other behaviors don't photograph as well.