Monday, April 18, 2011

Sorting Personalities

Noah is dumping out all the toys. He re-sorts the toys using his unique logic. In one basket? A car, a duplo, two wooden blocks, two puzzle pieces, and a book.

Mattias is finding the toys that belong together. He finds the cars that goes down the ramp. He finds the puzzle form and then the puzzle pieces that go in it.

Noah is 4 years old, and Mattias is 1 year old. Definitely not the age appropriate behaviors I would predict, so it must be personality traits?

Noah's artwork is hanging on the wall at school. The title on the wall reads "Snowflakes are Special." All the kids have made snowflakes and painted them. Except for Noah. His snowflake is white and unpainted. An adult has written text across the bottom of each child's artwork. Noah's text reads: "I am special because I don't like to paint.  Not painting makes me special."

The magnetic alphabet letters are dumped out on the floor.  "Hey, Noah, let's put all the letters together that are the same! Look, here's an 'N!' Let's put all the Ns in this pile."


Noah is looking over his shoulder, scratching his head, playing with his fingernail. Mattias, thrilled to see a pile of little toys that I normally won't let him touch, digs in.

"Oh, look, Noah, I found a green N. Can you find another one?"

"Mommy!  Let's sort them by color, instead."

Failed teaching moment. Don't let it show. "Okay," I say cheerfully.

"Aargh!  Mommy!  Mattias is taking my green letter!"

"He can play too, Noah."

"But Mattias isn't following the rules."

Mattias takes off crawling for the other side of the room. I chase after him, before he can hide in the corner and choke on magnets.

I pry open Mattias' hands.  He has collected 6 Os in various shades.

I wonder if Noah inherited my contrary personality.

It gives me new-found empathy for my own mother.


Swistle said...

I LOVE that they wrote "I am special because I don't like to paint." That is both wonderful and hilarious.

Pregnantly Plump said...

That is funny. He is special because he doesn't like to paint. Little Elvis doesn't like to do arty stuff either.
It's so great seeing how different they can be, right?

Dan and Amanda Meyer said...

Ha! What a quirky little guy! I too wince when I see my more challenging personality traits manifest themselves in my children.