Friday, April 29, 2011


When the weather gets nice, I start losing things.

Last week, I lost my new, unprogrammed cell phone.

Fortunately, I had made ONE phone call on it - to a friend - and a kind cell-phone-finder made the same call, to the same friend, who pieced everything together. I retrieved the cell phone. It was sitting on a tree stake along the side of the road. Happy Ending. And the moral? Always make at least one call from your new cell phone.

The real problem with the return of nice weather is that I stop wearing coats and jackets. And something about shedding my coat makes me want to shed my bags as well. Pretty soon, I'm cramming everything into my pockets.

Pockets in women's clothing are highly problematic. Do you like pockets? I love them. But they usually DO make clothing more bulky. And bulky clothing is something I don't love.

I'm an apple shape - I mean, I put weight on my middle section - so cargo pants are an acceptable solution for pockets. I can pretend the pockets on the bottom are balancing my top half. Nonetheless, cargo pants aren't exactly a flattering or stylish.  I don't care, I tell my reflection. This is my mommy uniform.

But really, why aren't more designers thinking about pockets in women's clothing? Concealed pockets, breast pockets, zippered pockets. Pockets that feign 'slimming' by laying flat and pockets that defy understatement by sticking out? Pockets big enough for my cell phone. Pockets that are meant to be filled. For fun, compare men's clothes to women's. You'll see what I mean.

Come On, Fashion Designers, I've got stuff to carry.

I should add that I think some women's athletic apparel does a half-way decent job with pockets... no wonder so many mommies around here look like they just left the gym. I'd just like to see the thoughtful design more widespread. If you can put pockets in athletic clothing, then why not street clothing?


Pregnantly Plump said...

I bought 2 summer dresses last year with pockets. They don't add bulk, and are nice to have. I bought them at consignment sales, but I know that I've seen pocket dresses in current magazines, so they should be available. I like the hidden on the side pockets. Easy to put my hands in them, and pretty good for holding the cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Ann, get a Dirndl

Ann Wyse said...

I've got a Dirndl (and it's not a tourist Dirndl) and the pockets STILL stink.
If you've got a Dirndl with good pockets, I'm jealous!