Thursday, April 7, 2011

Me, on Vacation (if you can call it that...)

Four days into our Germany vacation.

Jet lag is getting better for Noah.  And, strangely, worse for Mattias.

Here are Noah and Oma, feeding the swans. Oma is worried about Noah falling in the water. (She's holding his hood.) I'm worried about the swans. Aren't swans mean? Or is that just black swans? Which of my children will they attack first? See the empty kinderwagen in the background? That's our Borrowed Baby Cadillac. I already grabbed Mattias out of it and took him off in the other direction under some false pretense. Really, I just wanted him away from those swans. But in an attempt to look cool, I left the BBC there. We'll be right back. Uh huh. As soon as those swans are gone.

When I told people that we were going to Germany, they said, "Oh! Lucky!" Then I felt kind of snobbish or I felt like they were really getting the wrong idea about our finances, so I told them that Fritz's family lived in it was nothing too special, and after all, Fritz's mother had visited us twice since we moved to we really felt we needed to visit and it was the first time in two years. I'm a fourth-or-fifth generation Iowan; I wouldn't want anyone thinking I'm too big for my britches. Just in case they thought something like that. But my little spiel was probably the wrong thing to say, because it just sounds like I'm sharing too much in an annoying, unappreciative, potentially nonchalant way. Really, there's nothing nonchalant about taking piccolini to another country. It might get easier if we do it more. It might get easier as they get older. But it's never going to be Easy. At least, not for me.

And I'm a planner. I like to know what's coming. I don't adapt well when the plan changes. Add two piccolini, with different random needs, who are my responsibility, traveling? I'm hyperventilating.

Traveling has a high degree of uncertainty involved, even without piccolini.

But, if we are going to travel - or really, if we are going to visit family -  it IS nice to travel to Germany, of all places. And honestly, it's great that I lived in Germany long enough to know what to expect. I can (sort of) plan. I can (mostly) communicate. I can (generally) find my way around. I (somewhat) know the cultural landscape. These are things that might otherwise make it very difficult for me, the planner, to travel here with piccolini.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I hope you were able to have fun. Did Oma take care of the boys so you could have a date? We made German food a few weeks ago, and both boys at least tried it. They liked the cinnamon cake (kachen?) that I made for dessert the best.

Ann Wyse said...

I did have fun. ;-)
Fritz and I had a date at Ikea. How silly is that?
But it was great.

Anonymous said...

I think that the "mean" reputation that swans have is because they are very protective of their young. Hmmm, we can understand that. These swans look like they know they aren't threatened - and they know a good deal (free meal) when they see one! This pic reminds me of one of my daughter feeding the ducks with HER grandma - little body bent forward with an outstretched arm. There is something very endearing and memorable about this kind of experience. Awwww. So sweet.