Saturday, April 9, 2011

Diaper Changing Rooms

I don't really know what diaper changing rooms in other parts of the US are like, but here in Denver? They're practically nonexistant. In Germany, they're pretty great. Or at least, they are great to someone like me, who feels lucky when there's a wobbly plastic thing on the wall in the handicap stall.  The Bab.iesR.Us near me can't complete with this changing room in an H&M:
Look! See that tiny sign on the door? The WHOLE ROOM is dedicated to diaper changes.
And the mirror has a 20% vertical stretch, I'll take it!
It's difficult to photograph little rooms. But, here, you can see, this is not some wobbly plastic thing mounted to the wall:
Hey, that changing pad look stylish and comfy!
Below is another example of a great changing room in the department store Karstadt in Munich. I think there *may* be a changing room at Cherry Creek in Denver that approaches this level...but not quite. As you can see, Mattias was so stunned by the elegance that he was almost still for 5 seconds so that I could snap the photo.

Ooh...natural stone in a changing room.
After years of laying out bathroom plans as an intern architect, I'm curious to pull apart and analyze these changing rooms.  But I'll spare you the nitty-gritty. I think what's really important here is the fact that there is space and that space is dedicated for changing diapers.  The End.

Have you seen any good diaper changing rooms lately?

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Pregnantly Plump said...

There was a diaper changing room at the Babies R Us when we lived outside DC. It was pretty swank. Sometimes we went there just to change diaper and give me a private and comfy place to nurse.