Saturday, April 9, 2011

Car Sickness

The piccolini testing out taxi car seats.
More like booster seats, really.
Shouldn't these be an option in (more) passengers cars?

Noah got car sick.

At least, I decided he was car sick.

It happened like this: Fritz was driving and had been driving on curvy roads behind a big truck for about 20 minutes. I was in the passenger seat. The air conditioning was on, and then somehow, we realized it was 'on' and we turned 'off' - because we didn't (think we) need(ed) it. I felt car sick about 5 minutes later.

About 7 minutes later Noah started crying (otherwise inexplicably).

Noah could only tell us he felt "bad," so Fritz pulled over.

(Solution 1:)
I jumped out of the car, pulled Noah out of the car seat, and took off his coat. I personally, get car sick when I'm too hot. We stood by the side of the road for a few seconds before loading him back into the car.

(Solution 2:)
Oma, who was with us, was immediately worried he was cold and covered him back up with a blanket.

(Solution 3:)
Fritz thought he was also car sick and encouraged him to eat something. Because carsickness is worse on an empty stomach, Fritz claimed.

(Solution 4:)
My mother-in-law thought maybe Noah ate too much cake that morning for breakfast.

(Solution 5:)
But the only thing we could get Noah to do was drink some water.

The purpose of this post is not really about who was right and who was wrong. (I was right.) For all I know, Noah wasn't even car sick. (He was.)

The point? So much attention on one child's crying...

No wonder first-born children are a little neurotic.

Hey. I was talking about Noah.

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