Saturday, April 23, 2011

Around here...

The last three weeks around here have been crazy. I'm pleased to write that I think we are making progress. But I'm so tired. Here's what's been going on:

  • Jetlag, and recovery. About 5 night worth of grief, for anyone counting.
  • Fritz's birthday, for which I baked I a fabuous-ly, disasterous-ly ugly cake. It was a failure of such magnitude that it must be celebrated. Or at least shared with the internet.

Yes,  I forced my family to eat it.

  • The deck, and crazy coordination of supplies and support digging.
  • Mattias, who bit his tongue very, very badly and stopped eating and drinking for about 60 hours.
  • Noah, who (maybe?) caught some sort of bug at Mattias' ER visit.  (See above)
  • The deck, which we finished (mostly).  
  • My parents, who were here and are now gone.  
  • Mattias, who started another round of vaccinations.
  • Fritz, who departed for a business trip to Chicago leaving me with one (molar-teething?) baby named
  • Mattias, who wakes up every 25 minutes of sleep now that he's recovered the whole tongue- and vaccination- ordeal.

Of course, there's always laundry mountain and learning to walk tumbles. And some sort of strange preschool stress - related to - I don't what - new friends? fights with old friends? a change-of-clothes-requiring accident?

Okay, everyone is awake. This post is unedited. And thus, begins the weekend.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Oh. I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend. And I'm sure the cake tasted great. Sometimes the more homemade things look, the better they taste. I made Bob peanut butter fudge when Little Elvis was around a year old. In making candy, you're supposed to watch the temp. I had to go kiss a boo boo, and missed the ideal temp. We called it sludge, because it never set. It still tasted pretty good, though.
Can't wait to see pictures of the deck!