Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Noah's Sheep

Since Noah was born, my mother has been making these incredible "soft scultpures" for Noah's wall.  They are based on the Judy Horacek's illustrations from "Where Is the Green Sheep" by Mem Fox, a very fine book, if you are looking for a book recommendation.

Just last week, we received the latest installment: a bath sheep on shower curtain for Noah's bathroom. (Don't give your kid his own bathroom, by the way.)

I love the funky texture on the bubbles.

Here are some more sheep photos, in context.  There are actually more sheep than shown here, but not all of Noah's room is so photogenic.

The Sun Sheep hangs out in the reading media-esque nook.
The Bath Sheep in the bathroom.

...the elusive Green Sheep.  Glad the fire trucks found him.

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