Saturday, March 5, 2011

Need: Grass and Furniture

We had some nice weather this week. Which served to effectively highlight two ways in which we are completely inadequately moved into this new house.

First, there's the mud pit on the side of the house. Perhaps someday we will call it the deck and the side garden. I like side garden. But it's a pretty lofty title, since I have a black thumb. We need some grass out there to hold the mud. And a deck would be nice, too. But I'd settle for crab grass and less traveling-into-the-house mud.

I'm definitely going to design that deck. But design takes time. And a clean desk. I need a clean desk. My desk has pretty much looked like this for the last month. I pile everything on it that: 1) doesn't have a home 2) is being used frequently 3) shouldn't fall into the hands of piccolini 4) was confiscated from the hands of piccolini.

The desk is the second complete inadequacy in the new house. It's terrible. I can't think when my desk looks like this. Which pretty much Something.

Where was I?

I need to design that deck. So we can go outside and build it and then use it. (Ha! Sounds so easy when I put it in words.)

I honestly don't know how to get the stuff (okay, maybe just half of the stuff) OFF my desk to do some designing. Where will I put it? I need Ikea. I need shelves. I need spaces up high away from little hands. I need drawers. I need to unpack 6 more boxes INTO shelves and drawers and NOT onto my desk.

Those 6 unpacked boxes? They have all the things I need to design the deck (somewhere) inside them: site plan for the house, old fashion drafting supplies...

Before we had built-ins to hold this stuff... now they're gone ... all gone. That's the problem. New house with little furniture. No built-ins. And a city with no Ikea.

I feel so disorganized.
No, I am disorganized.

I'm publishing this in hopes of shaming myself into figuring out some solution.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Isn't IKEA coming soon? Our desk (bought at Ikea) gets covered with stuff a lot, too. And since it's right by our bed, it's no longer off limits to either boy. We bought a cute little nine cube shelf at Lowe's last year. It's the kind you slide fabric boxes in if you want. It's in the playroom and houses some of the toys nicely. Maybe Lowe's or Home Depot might have something?

Ann Wyse said...

Good tip - I'll check it out!