Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to have a Daughter

It's no secret among our friends that I was really hoping Mattias would be a girl. But you probably won't be surprised to learn that I love him like crazy and would never trade him. He manages to humble both Fritz and I on a daily basis with his determination and happy disposition. I'm 100% in love with him. So, anyone want an almost 4 year old?  Put your hand down, Mom, I'm kidding.

Here's an interesting Dutch study, published in Reproductive Biomedicine Online.  Abstract here.  And an easier-to-understand version here.  And in German, where I found it originally, here. Basically, out of 32 participants (who ate a diet low in sodium and high in calcium as well as timing of relations well before ovulation) - 81% had a girl.  I think the statistics in the general population are 49% girls - so 81% is a huge difference!

I asked Fritz to get me the full article, because it should be an easy (cheap!) thing for a scientist. I thought it would be good to know some more information about exactly how much - or how little - sodium and calcium. But apparently, it's not at the library yet. And since Mattias started cutting his molars last week - and the sleep situation around our house got even worse? Well, maybe, I'm not so interested in any more babies.

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