Wednesday, February 16, 2011

High Baroque for Babies

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Neither of the piccolini are very fond of car rides.  We've had a lot of success, however, with high baroque (classical) music putting them to sleep.  Noah even calls it his "sleeping music." The allegro portions of Handel's organ concerts do wonders - which I find funny, because at 120-139 BPM, it's not exactly a calming tempo. Also, some Carl Bach and Haydn organ concerts. I looked hard to see if I could find the exact pieces that put Mattias and Noah to sleep (CD#2, tracks 2, 5, 8, isn't very helpful, huh?) but between the German CD and some mismatched naming conventions, I'm not able to be more specific.

Noah is also very fond of Bernd Wefelmeyer's adaptation of Handel's Messiah.  I've been listening to it for almost 4 years now, and I've become rather fond of it as well. We went to see another jazz adaptation of Handel's Messiah last year (Too Hot to Handel) - and were disappointed.  I think Wefelmeyer's adaptation is better - although we have yet to find a good recording of it.

I'm not a music person, and I definitely don't have cool or up-to-date taste in music; my knowledge ends there. And I should credit Fritz, who discovered the wonders of high baroque.

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