Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wherein I sound like an Ikea ad

I love Ikea. There isn't one in Denver. There will be. In fall 2011. But that's a terribly long way away.  Especially when you are as much a devotee as me.

I've moved around a lot. The move to Denver was the first move I've had in 15 years without Ikea. I don't really know how to move anymore without an Ikea. At least twice a day I think to myself, "Oh, if only there was an Ikea:

Expedit shelves could hold these books while similutaneously dividing this space and offering some privacy. Four packages of Lill curtains at a mere $5 a package could cover all these windows. The Melodi lamp would look great over the dining room table. It would be so nice to have an inexpensive comfy sofa in the playroom. I wish I had some undercabinet lights in the kitchen. A large piece of butcher block and some legs would make a great craft table here. How about an inexpensive wool rug for under the dining table? An Alve storage bench for the alcove by the front door? That would be perfect! And perhaps one of the mudroom? Could the piccolini sit on Julius (counter) stools at the island, or would they fall off? Cabinets for the mudroom to hide all this clutter..."

You know what I like best about Ikea? The fact that so many of their products have simple, modern lines at an affordable price. You might be surprised to hear that Denver is a real vacuum when it comes to more modern styles. (It's here a little, but you REALLY have to look.) A store clerk at a large furniture store told me that "people here don't like those modern styles. Those styles are for people on the coasts."

Oh, yeah?  Just wait, Buddy. I really think Ikea is going to change the Colorado furniture market.

Until then, I'm left to grumble about the scant online offerings and 500 mile drive to the nearest Ikea in Salt Lake City.


Diana said...

can't you order online?

Ann Wyse said...

Oooh, if only I could order online... a *few* things can be ordered online... but not everything, and then there's shipping costs...and if it's missing a screw or something...of course, nothing from Ikea is EVER missing a screw, because Ikea is perfect, right?

Pregnantly Plump said...

I love IKEA too! We were near one in Virginia, but no longer. The closest now is 6 hours away! Why, oh why can't we order the good stuff online? So glad you have one coming your way, though. It was such a fun place to wander around, too.