Friday, January 21, 2011


Fritz and the piccolini got pendants for the kitchen island for my birthday. Last week, they arrived and Fritz installed them:

(image removed)

They are a Midcentury Modern design from Rejuvenation in Portland, Oregon. The older I get, the more I love Midcentury design. In architecture school, I thought is was really uncool.

Another thing I really like about these particular lights (Astron) is that you can pick the colors of each part of the lamp. Honestly, I'm not sure we picked the right on the canopy. That's the part at the ceiling.  We picked black, but white might have been better. I love the black and white contrast on the lamp shade(s). But at the ceiling. Hmmm. I'm intuitively going with a black and white theme in our new house.  Here are the lamps above the island, plus the dinning table:

(image removed)

I've got some grand plans for reworking that Ikea lamp above the dinning room table. But I think it will take some time until execution.

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