Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Noah fractured his upper jaw bone (not sure on the appropriate terminology here?) Monday night.

He was crawling across the floor - I think he was imitating Mattias: gotta do something when there are no toys laying around - and managed to do a face plant.  Apparently, it was more like a teeth plant, because he cried and said his teeth hurt.

There was a little bit of bleeding around the gum. Since the teeth plant occurred from a height of less than 18 inches, I suggested he eat some ice cream for dinner. After the ice cream dinner, his teeth still hurt, so I gave him some pain killer and sent him to bed.

The next morning, he complained twice more. I called the dentist and in we went. Xrays were taken and there it was. A fracture line in the jaw bone.

The dentist assures me that at this age the bone is like swiss cheese that's constantly repairing itself, so it should be just fine without further intervention. The dental assistant thought it was good I brought him in, because now they'll have a baseline for comparison.

In case his teeth turn grey or something.


But it's kind of an odd situation to be in. I guess if I have dreams of a photo of Noah in the next four years with white teeth, I should take that photo now. Just in case.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Poor kid! Hopefully they won't turn gray!