Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Saint Nikolaus visited our house the other night. I really wasn't prepared for Noah's questions: does Saint Nikolaus know we moved?  How does Saint Nikolaus get inside?

First of all, Noah is THREE YEARS OLD. What 3 year old worries about these things? I thought kids started asking these questions when they were - I don't know - like 5 or 6? So I mumbled something about yes, he knows we moved and he has his own special key. Special keys = magical = childhood Christmas myths, right?

Because you know what? We didn't get the fireplace upgrade. Instead, we got an alarm system. So, there's no fireplace in our new house. Besides, Santa Claus comes through the chimney - but Saint Nikolaus? I have no idea. I wasn't "with-it" enough to ask my own mom these questions when I was THREE YEARS OLD. Also, my family did the Saint Nikolaus thing because our heritage was German.  Not because we were really German. I don't know if we knew what we were doing when we were doing it.

Fortunately, Noah sensed that Fritz was a much better target for Saint Nikolaus knowledge. He cornered Fritz before I could warn Fritz. And I wasn't there, so Fritz was on his own. No problem, right? After all, Saint Nikolaus is a German tradition and Fritz is as German as one gets.

Nonetheless, Fritz was caught off guard as well. Being a German AND a scientist, he wanted to give Noah a plausible answer. (No magic here.) He told Noah that, yes, of course Santa knew we moved. He also cringed, thinking about how we were too cheap to do the fireplace upgrade...and so, on this one special night, Mommy and Daddy would leave the door unlocked.

Noah didn't ask any more questions. I guess as long as we're spending our time messing around with the new security system, it makes sense if we turn it off one night so Saint Nikolaus can slip through the door.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Little Elvis is much more worried about how much Santa will bring him, and hasn't asked once about the chimney. Thanks for commenting on my blog! We got the haircut this morning and it will take me some time to get used to it. He's thrilled, though. Looking forward to the pics of your new house.