Monday, December 20, 2010

Moving Target

Mattias is crawling all over the place these days. Today, he discovered he can crawl from one room to another. He was so excited. It's not clear whether he had any intentions as to where he was going - or if he just thought, "Hey, that looks new interesting, let's go that way!"  But he was clearly pleased with the results.

Of course, there's that lovely evolutionary tendency to become extra-clingy when one discovers one's own ability to move. That part is not so fun for me, especially since Noah never outgrew the clingy-phase. Um, let me rephrase:  Noah has always been in the clingy-phase.   So, two clingy-phase piccolini makes progress difficult.  And you know how goal-oriented I can be? And you know how crazy everything gets around the holidays?  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

In fact - if I think for a moment - it's almost not worth mentioning the crawling, because Mattias is also pulling himself up on things now. He stands just about everywhere and anywhere that he can.  Meaning that I need to be careful about stuff like piles of boxes. Between the move and Christmas, piles of boxes are EVERYWHERE in our house. Just one lightweight box tipping over can send him tumbling down onto the hardwood floors.  And wisely, we got hickory floors instead of oak, because hickory is much harder than oak. It's good to be prepared for all that damage piccolini will do to your wood floors, you know?

I think Mattias' mobility has Noah on edge as well.  These days, Noah's doing a lot of yelling at Mattias to leave his (fill in the blank) alone. I thought I had it all figured out yesterday. I let Noah play on the stair landings.   Mattias kept guard at the bottom of the stairs.  Since we moved in (three weeks ago?) Mattias loves guarding the bottom of the stairs.  As long as he's not thinking about Mommy, he can guard the stairs for almost 20 minutes.  Quite a while for someone so young.

So, with Noah playing on the stair landing and Mattias guarding the bottom of the stairs, I had almost finished washing the breakfast dishes (which I must do by hand because the soapstone people ruined the dishawasher and it hasn't been fixed yet poor me) when I watched Mattias climb up the first step. Damn. So much for that solution. He must have heard me thinking, because he looked over at me, reach out his hands for me, fell off the step, bumped his head on the hickory floor and started crying.

Solving problems with piccolini is such a moving target.

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